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BEAR Power Supplies for energy and utilities

Rugged, reliable converters for power distribution (including "smart grid" devices),
oil and gas exploration and drilling, and more

BEAR power supplies are ideal for equipment used in all areas of the "smart grid," including Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and intelligent Field Area Network (FAN) applications. They are used to power down-hole instruments in oil and gas exploration and drilling, and many other outdoor applications in energy. 

We design custom AC/DC converters to withstand high transient surges such as those caused by lightning, following IEEE C62.41-1991 (R1995) practices. Our compact power supplies deliver years of reliable operation under extreme extreme operating conditions, including the wide temperature ranges endured by pole-mounted outdoor equipment and the harsh environments of oil and gas fields.

BEAR power supplies feature:

  • Reliable operation over very wide temperature ranges
  • High efficiency - use in enclosures without cooling fans  
  • Compact size  
  • High reliability and long life

Examples of custom power supplies for the power industry

Questions about BEAR power supplies for the power industry? Email sales@bearpwr.com, or call BEAR at 1-800-551-2327. 

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