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industrial power supply applicationsBEAR Power Supplies for industrial automation and monitoring

Reliable power converters for harsh conditions 

BEAR power supplies are ideal for industrial applications. Rugged designs ensure reliable operation, even in dirty and noisy environments. Reduce equipment maintenance needs, and prevent costly assembly line downtime due to nuisance fuse failures or power supply failure. 


Features of BEAR BP Series power supplies for industrial automation

  • Reliable operation from -40°C to +70°C; a wider temperature range than you’ll find anywhere else
  • High efficiency –no need for a cooling fan, no fan filters to clog.  
  • Compact size for smaller systems 
  • Very quiet outputs, low conducted and radiated noise
  • Ability to handle noisy lines
  • Low turn-on inrush current means fewer nuisance fuse failures and longer power supply life 
  • High reliability and long life mean less risk of manufacturing line down time, and less maintenance on critical or hard-to-reach machines
  • Models with the remote on/off feature allow you to design a front panel power button without routing line voltages to the front of the equipment
  • Operation over international voltage ranges


BEAR custom power supplies for industrial automation and monitoring

BEAR custom power supplies meet your most unusual requirements: hard-to-meet electrical specs, unusual features or form factors, very long life or extreme operating temperature ranges, or whatever you can throw at us.

From mW to KW, we create AC/DC, DC/AC or DC/DC converters in open frame, enclosed or encapsulated packages to suit your needs.

Our custom power converters are compact and rugged. They are designed and built for long life and reliable operation over a wide operating temperature range.


Custom industrial power supply examples

75 Watt AC/DC power supply with dual input (universal AC plus auxiliary DC)

50 Watt DC/AC converter - high-frequency transformer driver for industrial motors


Contact us

Questions about BEAR power supplies for industrial automation? Email sales@bearpwr.com, or call BEAR at 1-800-551-2327. 

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