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Output noise specification (BP Series)

Like all switching power supplies, BEAR BP Series power converters have residual noise on their outputs.  This noise is specified as the peak-to-peak AC ripple and is measured with a 20 MHz bandwidth.

To measure actual ripple voltage, BEAR test engineers take care to assure minimum pickup from the converter's stray magnetic fields. We place a 100nF capacitor across the output terminals of the converter and position a passive 20 MHz filter between the capacitor and a coaxial cable. 

Figure 2 shows the output noise voltage on a 3.3 V 10 W BP Series BEAR Power Supply to be about 25 mV p-p, or  less than 1%.

Figure 2.  Output noise voltage on a 3.3 V 10 W BP Series BEAR Power Supply

output noise voltage on 3.3v 10watt bear power supply


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