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power supply for transportationBEAR Power Supplies for railway and other transportation systems

Keep systems moving safely and reliably for years and years

BEAR power supplies provide years of reliable operation in transportation systems that need to be up and running 24x7. Systems such as railway signal equipment, commercial radar systems and traffic signals, where failure would be an extreme hazard and maintenance is difficult. The rugged design ensures long life and reliable operation in all sorts of environments and despite dirt, extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration.

Features of BEAR BP series power supplies for transportation systems

  • Reliable operation from -40°C to at least +70°C; a wider temperature range than you'll find anywhere else
  • High efficiency - no need for a cooling fan, no fan filters to clog  
  • Compact size  
  • Low turn-on inrush current means fewer nuisance fuse failures and longer power supply life 
  • High reliability and long life ensure reliable operation of critical transportation systems

Examples of custom power supplies for transportation systems

Questions about BEAR power supplies for transportation systems? Email sales@bearpwr.com, or call BEAR at 1-800-551-2327. 

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