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Press Releases and Announcements

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Press Releases and Announcements

2/7/2014 - Self-monitoring AC-DC converter with auxiliary DC input delivers portability, high reliability for outdoor industrial systems
75 Watt industrial power supply is suited for oil and gas industry, other demanding outdoor applications

9/3/2013 - Medical power supply has ultra-low capacitance CF-rated output; independently controlled BF-rated output
75 Watt universal input AC-DC converter is suited for surgical instruments

4/30/2013 - New LED power supply suits hand-held devices in medical and industrial applications
Compact DC-DC converter features programmable dimming function, high efficiency

3/18/2013 - BEAR wins contract to design and manufacture custom medical power supply for a major medical equipment OEM
New 500 Watt AC/DC power supply will significantly reduce the OEM’s system costs and improve reliability

3/2/2012 - BEAR is ITAR registered
Parent company Z-AXIS completes ITAR registration

12/15/2011 - BEAR licenses technology to leading industrial power supply provider
BEAR will also manufacture the private-labeled power supplies at its upstate NY design and manufacturing center

3/23/2011 - BEAR wins contract to design and produce custom power supply for "down-hole" instruments in gas and oil exploration
Custom power supply features multiple inputs, digital monitoring, and ability to withstand harsh environment of oil and gas fields

12/20/2010 - Compact AC/DC converters from BEAR now available for online purchase
Online availability with delivery from stock simplifies OEM evaluation for commercial, industrial and medical applications

11/12/2010 - BEAR completes design contract, begins volume manufacturing of new medically-approved custom power supply
Compact external AC/DC converter features UL 60601-1 approvals, extremely low leakage current, rugged construction and ergonomic design

6/18/10 - BEAR Power Supplies earns ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems certification
Quality systems encompass all areas of the company's operation - from product design and manufacturing, to delivery and customer service

2/22/10 - BEAR designs custom power supply for "smart grid" monitoring system
Rugged AC/DC converter withstands extreme temperatures and high transient surges.  


8/28/09 - BEAR Power Supplies adds ultrasonic welder to US manufacturing facility
New welder quickly joins plastic parts with a strong, permanent bond. 

5/8/09 - BEAR Power Supplies expands customization capabilities with high-throughput laser for cutting, marking
Dual 80-watt CO2 laser triples throughput; enhances company’s ability to create customized power supply packaging and marking

2/10/09 - BEAR secures additional design wins for ultra-low leakage current medical power supplies to be used in heart-connected instruments
Innovative isolation techniques yield leakage current of less than 5 µA, exceeding requirements for CF-rated medical equipment

6/24/08 - BEAR wins custom power supply design contract from L-3 Communications
Will create a custom 420-Watt AC/DC power supply for L-3 Communications’ Cincinnati Electronics Division.

1/11/08 - BEAR wins contract to deliver custom DC/DC power converters to Harris
Meets RF Communications' specifications for shock, vibration, and reliability over a very wide operating temperature range.


12/10/07 - BEAR develops custom 660-watt AC/DC power supply with ultra-low leakage current
Innovative isolation techniques achieve leakage current less than 5 microamps, exceeding requirements for CF-rated medical equipment.

9/4/07 - BEAR awarded patent for encapsulated, PCB-mountable AC/DC converter with detachable AC line cord.
Unique design eliminates exposed high-voltage traces on system boards to improve safety and convenience for system designers.

7/9/07 - 1.5W mini DC/DC converter now has output to 300 volts.
Now with wider input and output voltage ranges, the BPS series isolated converters offer high efficiency and load regulation.

4/4/07 - Compact 30W power supply gains medical approvals
Has wide operating temperature range for long life in enclosed medical systems without fans or vents.

3/12/07 - New 1.5W mini DC/DC converter has high efficiency and load regulation
Small package for RF transceivers, programmable filters, and industrial and scientific instruments.

2/13/07 - BEAR Power Supplies wins contract from Velocite Systems
Will design and produce a ustom, 1U high, 370 Watt DC/DC converter for telecom equipment.


10/04/2006 - BEAR AC/DC converter meets GR-1098 lightning criteria for telecom equipment
New tech note details results of lightning surge test for BEAR’s rugged miniature switching power supply

8/21/2006 - BEAR wins three development contracts for custom power supplies
Contracts total $150,000 to design and develop custom power supplies for military and medical applications.

6/27/2006 - DIN rail power supplies operate from -40 to +70°C
BEAR Power Supplies announces its new BP7 series DIN rail mountable AC/DC power supplies, providing convenience and reliability for industrial applications.

5/23/2006 - 30 Watt models added to line of rugged AC/DC power converters
BEAR Power Supplies has extended the power range of its encapsulated AC/DC converters, adding 30 Watt models to its existing line of  5 W, 10 W and 15 W supplies.

4/10/06 - Michael Allen named president of BEAR Power Supplies
Michael Allen has been named president of Z-AXIS, Inc. and BEAR Power Supplies. He has served as Director of Engineering at Z-AXIS since 1989 and formed the BEAR Power Supplies business unit in 2001.

3/27/06 - Lead-free, RoHS power supplies now available from BEAR
Standard and custom AC/DC converters for commercial, industrial and medical systems comply with RoHS directive


12/15/05 - New commercial AC/DC converter has widest operating temperature range on the market: - 40°to + 70°C

11/16/05 - New medical-grade power supply eliminates exposed high-voltage traces and components from printed circuit board
AC/DC converter encapsulates more of the power-related circuitry in a CE-marked module, improving safety and speeding system medical approvals

10/31/05 - New AC/DC power supply eliminates exposed high-voltage traces
Compact, patent-pending design features mini-IEC connector and detachable line cord to improve safety and simplify PCB design


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