Custom Power Supplies

for Industrial Applications

Industrial equipment depends on reliable power in harsh conditions. Our rugged power supplies ensure reliable operation of equipment in dirty and noisy environments. Reduce equipment maintenance needs, and prevent costly assembly line downtime due to nuisance fuse failures or power supply failure.

We have designed power supplies for a wide range of industrial applications including industrial automation and motor control, industrial monitoring, transportation, energy, utilities, oil and gas drilling, and telecommunications. Our custom power supplies feature:

  • Extreme operating temperature ranges
  • High line surge capacity (to withstand lightning)
  • Long life
  • Mil spec for shock and vibe
  • Low noise
  • High isolation
  • High efficiency in fanless systems
  • Self-monitoring features with I2C connectivity

Standard Power Supplies

for Industrial Applications

Our standard encapsulated AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC power converters are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. They feature:

  • Reliable operation from -40°C to +70°C; a wider temperature range than you’ll find anywhere else
  • Proven ability to meet the GR-1098 Lightning Criteria for Telecom Equipment, Section 4.7: (lightning criteria for equipment interfacing with AC power port), part of the NEBS level 3 requirement
  • High efficiency
  • Very quiet outputs and low conducted and radiated noise
  • Ability to handle noisy lines
  • Low turn-on inrush current for fewer nuisance fuse failures and less stress on the converter for longer power supply life
  • High reliability and long life