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A Bear custom power supply helps you create products with more features, smaller size and higher performance. We can often help you reduce your total system cost as well.

Here are just a few of the custom power supplies we have created for customers to use in their commercial, medical and industrial systems. Browse our examples, and then talk to us  about how we can help you.

660 Watt AC/DC Medical Power Supply with Ultra-Low Leakage Current

  • Very low leakage current (5 µA) exceeds standards for Type CF medical equipment
  • 3 isolated outputs
  • Universal input with PFC front end

This custom medical power supply includes a unique “self-monitoring” feature with built-in digital reporting of output voltages, current and operating temperatures.

75 Watt Combination AC/DC and AC/AC Medical Power Supply

  • Universal input
  • 1 AC output (120 VAC)
  • 4 DC outputs (+24 VDC, +12 VDC, +5 VDC, +5 VDC isolated)

This power converter has universal input and five different outputs for AC, DC and isolated DC voltages. It powers a multi-function medical diagnostic system that is compact and portable.

75 Watt Dual-Output AC/DC Medical Power Supply

  • CF rated medical power supply
  • Ultra-low capacitance < 15 pF
  • Separate BF rated input

This 75 Watt medical power supply powers a surgical instrument. The CF-rated output features an ultra-low capacitance of less than 15 pF. The two outputs can be controlled independently so that the CF-rated output can be switched off when not needed, while the BF-rated output remains active to supply electronics used in the vicinity of a patient. The 8 x 2.5 x 1.25 inch universal-input medical power supply has very low EMI and is certified to EN 60601. Following success with the first generation of this converter, Bear created and is manufacturing a second-generation design with higher efficiency and 20% lower manufacturing costs.

60 Watt AC/DC Power Supply for a Portable Medical Instrument

  • High efficiency over very wide input voltage and load range
  • Mechanically rugged
  • Entire heat load contained in a sealed unit
  • Special input connector allows wash down and disinfection without leaking or degrading

For this custom medical power supply, Bear Power Supplies passed stringent testing requirements that the customer’s offshore supplier had been unable to meet.

40 Watt AC/DC Medical Power Supply

  • CF rated medical power supply
  • Super-capacitor powered alarm circuit

This 40 Watt medical power supply is used in a life support system. It features a super capacitor powered alarm circuit to notify users if the the unit becomes unplugged or loses power.

15 Watt DC/DC Medical Power Supply

  • Drives a 15 Watt LED with dimming
  • Drives variable-speed fan to maintain temperature
  • Compact 1 x 3″ size

This compact, dual-purpose medical power supply drives a 15 Watt LED with dimming. It also powers a variable-speed fan to prevent LED overheating. The microprocessor reads a temperature sensor on the LED and automatically adjusts fan speed to maintain the temperature below the set threshold.

12 Watt AC/DC Power Supply for Medical

  • Plugs directly into wall outlet
  • Rugged: very rigorous drop test; built to withstand pulling, yanking and impact
  • Production volume several hundred thousand/year

This rugged “wall wart” power supply was designed for the rigors of hospital use. The sealed and molded package can be disinfected and washed down with chemicals.

 75 Watt AC/DC Power Supply for Industrial Monitoring

  • Dual input: universal AC plus 24 VDC
  • -40 to +70C full-load operating temperature
  • Reports output current, output voltage and temperature over I2C

This dual-input power supply allows an industrial system to run on AC with auxiliary DC input. The self-monitoring feature allows the system to query the supply’s functioning over an I2C bus. As part of an outdoor transportable measurement system, it features a wide full-load temperature and high vibration tolerance.

50 Watt DC/AC Industrial Power Supply

  • Input 40-90 V DC
  • 16 kHz AC output
  • 1 A output

This high-frequency transformer driver for floating supplies is used with 3-phase industrial motors, meeting the customer’s unusual requirements for input, output and frequency. The compact, rugged design measures 3.5 x 2 x 1 inch and features a wide operating temperature range.

30 Watt AC/DC Power Supply for Utilities

• Extreme operating temperature range • High line surge capacity • Long life

As part of a monitoring system to be mounted on a utility pole, this power supply will deliver years of reliable operation under extreme temperatures. It will also withstand high transient surges such as those caused by lightning.

15 Watt DC/DC Dual-Purpose LED Driver

  • Drives a 15 Watt LED with dimming
  • Also drives variable-speed fan to maintain temperature
  • Compact 1 x 3″ size

This compact, dual-purpose medical power supply drives a 15 Watt LED with dimming. It also powers a variable-speed fan to prevent LED overheating. The microprocessor reads a temperature sensor on the LED and automatically adjusts fan speed to maintain the temperature below the set threshold.

15 Watt DC/DC Power Supply for Specialty Lighting

• High voltage arc (12,000 V) to start lamp • Switches to constant power to run bulb • 12 to 24 VDC input

This highly efficient converter for specialty lighting applications delivers a high-voltage arc to start an arc lamp, then switches to a constant power mode for long-term operation. It accepts an input range of 12 to 24 VDC.

3 Watt DC/DC Power Supply for LED Lighting

  • Very small
  • Incorporates microprocessor for dimming
  • High efficiency

This compact DC/DC converter is used in a hand-held LED device and incorporates an LED dimming function in a very compact size.

6.3 KW Bi-Directional Power Supply for Alternative Energy

• Bi-directional DC/DC power supply
• 40-80 VDC to 500-600 VDC
• 24V/40W aux output
• High 95% efficiency
• Microprocessor controlled
• High-side voltage protection
• Isolated
• Very long life

This bi-directional power supply offers high efficiency and very long life in an alternative energy installation. It features high-voltage, bi-directional operation controlled by a microprocessor.

550 W AC/DC Converter for Electric Vehicle (EV) Application

• Fanless design
• 120/240 VAC universal input
• Rugged aluminum housing
• Custom output cable

This custom power supply is a lithium-ion battery pack charger for electric vehicle applications. The fanless design features universal input and custom output cable.

180 Watt DC/DC Converter for Ground Transportation Instrument

  • 4,000 VAC input/output isolation
  • Very long life
  • Low input and output noise

Designed to meet a requirement for extremely high input/output isolation, this custom DC/DC converter also allowed our customer to reduce the size and cost of their existing system.

60 Watt Rack-Mounted AC/DC Converter for Transportation Systems

  • PFC input / 60 W output
  • Minimum 10-year life required
  • 24/7 operation in a fanless system
  • Custom mechanical design

This customer required very high reliability and long life. They also had specific mechanical configuration and input connector requirements.

850 Watt DC/DC Converter for Mobile Communications

  • 3 isolated outputs
  • Hot-swappable with load sharing
  • Stringent mechanical constraints

This rugged custom design had very specific mechanical constraints. It is part of a rack-mounted system in a mobile communications unit.

300 Watt DC/DC Converter for Commercial Telecom

  • Four different outputs
  • 48 VDC input
  • High efficiency

High efficiency allows this unit to be cooled with a single fan. It replaced an off-shore manufacturer’s power supply that is less efficient and required two large cooling fans. Our engineering team’s mechanical design recommendations allowed our customer to remove other hardware costs from their system.

5 Watt,15 KV DC/DC Converter for Military

  • 15,000 VDC output
  • Triple outputs, low ripple
  • Mil spec for shock and vibe

This rugged, triple-output power supply features extremely high output voltage. Designed for an airborne military application, the compact converter is encapsulated in a die-cast aluminum housing and meets mil specs for shock and vibration.

1.5 Watt Mini DC/DC Converter for Portable Military Communications System

  • 100 VDC output
  • Wide operating temperature range of -55 to +85°C
  • High efficiency
  • Small size 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.4 inches (12.7 x 12.7 x 10.2 mm)

Bear Power Supplies now offers this custom supply as a standard configurable product. Visit the store.

What Do You Need?

We excel at meeting our customers’ most unusual requirements for commercial, industrial and medical power supply designs. This includes multiple inputs and outputs, power from milliwatts (mW) to kilowatts (kW), and voltage to many kilovolts. We meet our customers’ most demanding specifications for wide operating temperate range, high reliability, low leakage current, unusual form factors and much more. What can we do for you?