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New medical-grade power supply eliminates exposed high-voltage traces and components from printed circuit board

AC/DC converter encapsulates more of the power-related circuitry in a CE-marked module, improving safety and speeding system medical approvals
Phelps, NY -  November 16, 2005 -New medical-grade AC/DC power converters from BEAR Power Supplies, Inc. (www.bearpwr.com) encapsulate the power entry module, EMI filter, and inrush current limiting circuitry in a compact, CE-marked power module. By including this power-related circuitry in the pre-approved module, BEAR allows medical instrument designers to eliminate high-voltage traces and many components from their system boards. This results in smaller instruments that are safer to maintain and operate, and it speeds the process of obtaining medical approvals for the system. It also eliminates the external clutter of bricks and "wall warts."

 BEAR power modules are TUV-approved and meet the UL2601-1, IEC 601-1/A2, and CAN/CSA-C22.2 medical safety standards, as well as the EN60601-1-2 emissions standards for medical devices. They measure approximately 2 in. x 3 in. x 1 in. and are offered in both PCB-mountable and chassis-mountable packages.

The BP2, BP3, BP5, and BP6 series power supplies feature a mini-IEC connector and a detachable line cord for AC power input. These models also feature a remote ON/OFF function, allowing designers to mount the power supply at the rear of the system chassis near the AC line input, and control it from a front panel switch without routing primary AC line voltages to the front panel.

All BEAR power supplies feature low leakage currents (0.5 mA max), very quiet outputs, and low conducted and radiated noise for sensitive medical instruments. In addition, low turn-on inrush current results in fewer nuisance fuse failures, resulting in higher reliability and longer life.

Standard output power is 5 W, 10 W or 15 W, with custom output power available on request. Complete specifications are found at http://www.bearpwr.com/opspecs.shtml

The power supplies are available from stock, starting as low as $30 each in volume.

About BEAR Power Supplies

BEAR Power Supplies (www.bearpwr.com) designs, manufactures and sells power supplies for commercial, industrial, and medical equipment. Products include rugged, encapsulated AC/DC and DC/DC power converters and full-custom power supplies to meet OEM designers' most difficult requirements. Capabilities range from fast-turn prototypes to high volume production. The company's ISO 9001:2008 certified headquarters, design and manufacturing center is located near Rochester, New York.

BEAR Power Supplies is a business unit of Z-AXIS, Inc.

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