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Rugged power supply for telecom equipmentBEAR Power Supplies for telecom equipment 

Reliable converters withstand the harsh conditions of telecoms' first mile

With long life and reliable operation over a very wide temperature range, BEAR power supplies are ideal for carrier-class telecom equipment. No need to search for a "temperature hardened" power converter, BEAR's rugged power supplies withstand the environmental extremes found in a central office.  BEAR power supplies will give you years of trouble-free operation.

We deliver both standard and custom power supplies to meet your requirements.

Features of BEAR power supplies for telecom equipment

  • Reliable operation from -40°C to +70°C; a wider temperature range than you'll find anywhere elsecustom power supply for telecom
  • Tested to pass the GR-1098 Standard for Telecom Equipment, Section 4.7: (lightning criteria for equipment interfacing with AC power port), part of the NEBS level 3 requirement
  • High efficiency
  • Very quiet outputs and low conducted and radiated noise
  • Ability to handle noisy lines
  • Low turn-on inrush current for fewer nuisance fuse failures and less stress on the converter for longer power supply life 
  • High reliability and long life

Custom example

Questions about BEAR power supplies for telecom systems and other outdoor applications? Email sales@bearpwr.com, or call BEAR at 1-800-551-2327. 
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