Rugged AC/DC converter withstands extreme temperatures and high transient surges

Bear Power Supplies has designed a custom power supply for a leading provider of “smart meters” and data collection systems. The custom 30 Watt AC/DC converter will power energy monitoring systems to be mounted on utility poles worldwide, providing a key link in the “smart grid” advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Bear designed the custom AC/DC converter to withstand high transient surges such as those caused by lightning, following IEEE C62.41-1991 (R1995) practices. Expert design techniques and careful component selection ensure that this compact power supply will deliver years of reliable operation under an extreme operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.

“Bear won this project because of our proven ability to deliver custom power supplies that have long life and high reliability under extreme operating conditions, including the high transients and extreme hot and cold temperatures endured by pole-mounted outdoor equipment,” said Michael Allen, president of Bear Power Supplies. “We’re proud to support customers in the vital work of improving the reliability and efficiency of the energy grid.”

In addition to custom power supplies for the smart grid and other utility applications, Bear creates custom power supplies for a wide range of commercial and industrial equipment including ground transportation, telecommunications, medical and military systems. Bear provides expert design services, fast-turn prototypes, pre-production runs and any volume manufacturing of custom power supplies from its design and manufacturing center in western New York.