Innovative isolation techniques achieve leakage current less than 5 microamps, exceeding requirements for type CF medical equipment

Bear Power Supplies, Inc. has designed a custom 660-watt AC/DC power supply for a major medical equipment manufacturer. The three-output supply features innovative isolation techniques to achieve leakage current of less than 5 µA, exceeding requirements for type CF medical equipment.

Bear excels at innovative, high-reliability custom power supplies for medical instruments and other demanding applications.

Recent custom medical power supplies have featured non-standard output voltages, unusual form factors to fit precise size and configuration constraints, and compact sizes for portable medical devices. Bear designers frequently incorporate features not commonly included in a power supply, allowing their customers to reduce overall system size and cost by reducing the need for supporting circuitry around the power supply.

“We are delighted that we can help leading medical device manufacturers to achieve even greater product performance and reliability through our innovative approach to power supply design,” said Michael Allen, president of Bear Power Supplies. “Our engineering team thrives on the challenge of meeting unusual requirements, providing creative solutions, and delivering products with very high quality and long life.”