Encapsulated power modules feature high reliability, long life, and wide operating temperature range for commercial, industrial and medical applications

Bear Power Supplies has extended the power range of its encapsulated AC/DC converters, adding 30 Watt models to its existing line of  5 W, 10 W and 15 W supplies. These compact and rugged power supplies are designed for long life in commercial, industrial, and medical applications.

The 30 W power supplies measure approximately 2.5 x 4 x 1 inches and come in both PCB-mountable and chassis-mountable packages. A unique mini-IEC input connector and detachable line cord on most models improves safety by eliminating exposed high voltage traces from the system designer’s printed circuit board.

The Bear single-output 30 W power converters are available with a range of output voltages from 3.3 V to 48 V. They feature active inrush current limiting and operating temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees C, which makes them ideally suited for harsh environments and remote systems such as industrial controls and outdoor security systems.

All Bear power supplies are RoHS and FSS Class B compliant. They are TUV-tested to meet industry standard certification requirements for performance and safety.

Standard 30 W power supplies are available from stock starting as low as $52 each in volume.