Unique design eliminates exposed high-voltage traces on system boards; provides long life over wide temperature range for commercial, industrial and medical applications

Bear Power Supplies has been issued a US patent for its encapsulated PCB-mountable AC/DC power converter with detachable AC line cord, the company announced today. US Patent Number 7,259,971 issued August 21, 2007 to Michael Allen, president of Bear Power Supplies, and Robert Kolbet.

The patented design provides improved convenience, safety and long-term reliability for designers of AC-powered electronic equipment. In addition to the detachable line cord, the compact design incorporates a “remote enable” function that allows the power supply to be turned on or off from a switch on the host system front panel, without the need to route the primary AC power to the front panel.

“This patent further demonstrates our expertise and our commitment to innovation in power supply design for demanding commercial, industrial and medical applications,” Allen said. “It is just one example of the many innovations we make every day, in both our standard and our custom power supplies, to make life easier for our customers.”