Dual 80-watt CO2 laser triples throughput; enhances company’s ability to create customized power supply packaging and marking

Bear Power Supplies has expanded its on-shore custom power supply production capabilities with a new dual 80-watt CO2 laser, recently installed at its western New York design and manufacturing center. The laser is used for a number of processes in custom power supply manufacturing, including:

  • Laser cutting of plastic insulators to shield printed circuit boards within assemblies.
  • Customization of plastic enclosures.
  • Engraving of logos, date codes, serial numbers and other markings.
  • De-marking of ICs.

The new system offers more than three times the throughput of the single 60-watt laser it replaces.

“This investment supports our commitment to meeting our customers’ exact requirements with superior quality, high throughput and competitive pricing,” said Michael Allen, president of Bear Power Supplies. “We believe that our focus on the customers’ needs and our ongoing investment in high-end equipment are important factors in the continued strong demand we’re seeing for our custom power supplies, despite the economic climate.”