Custom power supply features multiple inputs, digital monitoring, and ability to withstand harsh environment of oil and gas fields.

Bear Power Supplies has won a contract to design and produce a custom power supply for a leading provider of instrumentation for gas and oil exploration. The full-custom AC/DC converter will be rack mounted to power “down hole” instruments. It features multiple inputs, digital monitoring of critical power supply functions, and high reliability for operation in the harsh environments of oil and gas fields.

“Bear is one of the few power supply companies specializing in full-custom power supply design, creating exactly what our customers need rather than limiting their choices to modifications of standard designs,” said Michael Allen, president of Bear Power Supplies. “As a result, we can work with our customers to optimize the power supply in concert with their instrument design to deliver maximum performance, long life and high reliability under extreme operating conditions.”

Bear custom power supplies are found in a wide range of commercial and industrial equipment including utility, transportation, telecommunications, medical and military systems. Bear provides expert design services, fast-turn prototypes, pre-production runs and any volume manufacturing of custom power supplies from its design and manufacturing center in western New York.