Bear Power Supplies has been awarded three development contracts totaling $150,000 to design and develop custom power supplies for military and medical applications, the company announced today. These include a miniature DC/DC converter measuring less than one half inch cubed for a military application; a custom AC/DC converter requiring high temperature operation and rugged design for a medical instrument; and a miniature battery-operated power supply with very high efficiency for portable system.  Projected carry on production orders are expected to exceed $2.5M per year with delivery beginning this year.

“Bear is known for its ability to quickly design and deliver reliable, high-quality custom power supplies to very challenging and specific requirements,” said Michael Allen, president of Bear. “We were able to attract these custom power supply development contracts based on our expertise in medical power supply design and our skill in creating compact miniature power supplies that work reliably over extended operation temperatures.”

In awarding the development contracts, the custom power supply buyers also cited the convenience of working with Bear’s US-based design and manufacturing facility. This allows close collaboration with client engineering teams and fast delivery of both prototype and production units.