Bear Power Supplies engineer explains the issues in Power Systems Design

Medical power supplies pose special challenges for the designer. We understand how to meet them. Bear’s Danielle Sklepik explains the difference between B-Rated, BF-Rated and CF-Rated supplies and some key design issues you need to know. Learn how access to in-house specialty magnetics production and on-shore manufacturing can offer a huge advantage in cost, time and performance for a custom medical power supply.

Power supplies for medical equipment must comply with IEC/UL 60601-1 3rd edition. Within this standard there are three categories of equipment. B-rated equipment will have only brief contact with a patient – for example an MRI scanner. BF-rated equipment will have routine contact with the skin; for example ultrasound equipment. CF-rated equipment is likely to make direct internal contact with a patient, for example surgical cauterizers, cameras, and measurement devices.


All three categories pose special challenges for the power supply designer, with the CF-Rated category being the most difficult.

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